About us


The International Board of Lawyers «St.Petersburg» is one of the leading boards of lawyers in Russia, which has its base in St.Petersburg, Russia. It has its branch offices and representative offices in other parts of Russia and in other countries. Accordingly, the board serves the needs of businesses, governments, organizations and individual clients around the world.

Our Board of lawyers is a non-profit organization managed by an Executive Board and a President. Its main goal is to provide the highest quality of legal service in the most cost efficient way possible.

The International board of lawyers «St.Petersburg» has more than 650 attorneys which specialize in different fields of law. The majority of them have high academic ranks and wide experience. They have consistently made valuable and important contributions to our profession and our country.

Our History

Our history goes back to May 1988, when the first legal cooperative in the USSR was founded and was called "The partnership of legal advisers". The aim was to establish a company which would be able to retain and develop its associates into successful partners.
One of its organizers was Artemiy Nikolayevitch Kotelnikov. He became the first president of The International Board of Lawyers "St.Petersburg", which was registered in August 1995.

What else has happened since the Board was formed, apart from growing larger? Today we have offices in St.Petersburg and Leningradskaya oblast, in Moscow and Moskovskaya oblast, in Volhov, Stavropol, Pskov, Vorkuta, in Murmanskaya oblast, Magadanskaya oblast, Chelyabinslaya oblast, Novgorodskaya oblast, Tverskaya oblast, Krasnodarskiy kraj, Krasnoyarskiy kraj, in Vladikavkaz, Saransk, Ufa, Abakan, Yakutsk, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, the USA, France, Canada, Finland and other countries. 

Today, our services are significantly more specialized than before and the basis of the practice consists of different kinds of transactions. 


является многопрофильной независимой экспертной организацией, которая специализируется на проведении высокотехнологических комплексных экспертиз во всех областях народного хозяйства.

АНО «СЕВЕРО-ЗАПАДНЫЙ ЦЕНТР СУДЕБНЫХ ЭКСПЕРТИЗ» наряду с экспертами имеет все необходимые документы, позволяющие проводить данную экспертизу.


Контактная информация

191123, г. Санкт-Петербург,
ул. Фурштатская, д. 47/11,
литер А, пом. 5Н

+7(812) 320-76-10
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